Have you ever heard of coffee cherries? No, we are not talking about Coffee beans, which only represent the heart of the coffee cherries. During the coffee production, early on in the process, Coffee farmers traditionally extract the coffee beans out of the cherries and throw away the cherries, which, although high in both caffeine and taste, are considered a waste product. That was until 26 year old Laura Zumbaum, who previously worked at MyMuesly and Coffeecircle decided to change that: She invented a caffeinated soda beverage made out of these coffee cherries. Working together with their farmer from Panama directly and without using a middleman/distributor, Selosoda works on providing a sustainable long-term solution to the waste of coffee cherries.

During the production of coffee around one third of the juicy and tasty fruits are being thrown away. Coffee farmers all around the world already noticed this waste hundreds of years ago, in ancient Yemen that lead to the invention of the Quishar a chai tea. Now this potential is utilized by Selosoda to convert it into a vegan, energizing, aromatic beverage that is sustainable and fair in its production.