Flovital is a company that has focused on providing 100 % vegan, glutenfree, lactose-free and organic mueslis and granola. They set themselves apart from the others by doing completely without genetic modification, artificial flavour as well as preservatives.

What is really cool about it is that they do not only offer mueslis and granola for your breakfast at home, but they also offer “Studentenfutter” (a mix of nuts and dry fruits) and muesli to go. Their muesli to go contains cocos milk powder which means you only need to add water to it and voila, you have your breakfast to go. Protecting the environment and sustainability is incredibly important to Flovital, that’s why their muesli is certified organic, is produced and packed by hand, while its packaging is 100% compostable. The reviews on Flovital are positive throughout, we find that unsurprising considering the fair price, the fair production and the fair packaging.