A woman uses ten thousand to seventeen thousand pads or tampons in her lifetime. This results in an enormous amount of waste that pollutes our environment. This problem inspired Annemarie Harant and Bettina Steinbugger to found their start up Erbeerwoche. It has become their mission not only to educate and inform everyone about sustainable sanitary product options, but also provide a platform to purchase said products. Furthermore it is their goal to convert the topic of menstruation into one that is no longer kept silent, but discussed openly and without any shame.

The revolution in sanitary products is lead by biodegradable products that are either made entirely out of cotton, or reusable. Additionally the use of menstrual cups is promoted through this empowerment, due to its relative small unknowingness and spread. The benefits of a menstrual cup include its long lifetime and the resolving saved money.

It is the mission of Erdbeerwoche to empower women to see their menstruation no longer as a burden but a way to influence our environment through their decisions. Due to the problem that there is not yet a wide range of sustainable women’s hygiene products, the decision towards the eco-friendly alternative can be seen as complicated and time consuming. With Erdebeerwoche this is no longer an issue, thanks to their amazing online shop with multiple products, including even boxes with a variety of menstruation products.