The medicine Hans Maurer founded SEBAMED in 1967 after successfully experimenting with soup having the same pH-value than skin. This idea came up as Dr. Maurer was working in the dermatological department of the University Clinic Bonn in Germany. There he was responsible for patients suffering from acute eczema. Ultimately, he could not continue his work, as the management of the hospital was unhappy that he carried out an unauthorized experiment to wash his patients without using any soap but instead using an acid tenside.

The brand was originally named SEBUMED, but due to a clerical error in the patent office, it was named SEBAMED. In this highly competitive market SEBAMED had to establish as a traditional family business. Research, development and innovation where the main pillar to continue selling new products. Therefore, SEBAMED can keep a constant market share of one third.

Today the brand is known to customers around the world, due to the distribution in more than 80 countries in Europe, the USA and the Middle and Far East. Their corporate philosophy, “Science for healthy skin”, represents their dedication to the customer’s health.

On their website, you can learn a lot about the biggest organ of the human body and test what type of skin you have. And the products are not only for the skin, but over the years SEBAMED also developed hair care products.

This year SEBAMED, located Bad Salzig, sponsors our conference with products for our participants.