100% Bio. Vegan. Lactose-free. Gluten-free. Without additives. Without genetic engineering.

Have you ever wondered how to easily adopt a healthier diet? Get to know Greenic!

The young company puts high effort in the development of high-quality, vegan superfood products. Their products which are made in Germany and of best organic quality provide a basis for a healthy lifestyle. Greenic places high priority on a varied and balanced diet. By integrating the products in your diet the superfoods supply you with valuable nutritions and support a healthy lifestyle.

The company offers so-called “Monos” as well as mixtures of pure powders. Whether you choose Green Detox, Matcha Fresh, Protect or another one out of the 12 products- the superfoods provide you with energy for your day. Their drinking powders are produced to suit different needs and can easily be prepared. You can mix them with fruit juices, vegetable juices and drinks or can be added to delicious smoothies. In case you run out of ideas how to mix your superfood product you can just have a look at the Greenic website and you will find numerous great recipes. - Try out Creamy Coconut, Fresh Mango Lassi or Skinny Ananas!

Also, the company makes an important contribution to climate protection and to the improvement of the environment. Greenic supports Ärzte Ohne Grenzen as well as other fundraising campaigns. Greenic puts high value on resource-friendly and energy-efficient production. Their manufacture of paper follows strict regulations of the FSC seal for paper from sustainably managed forests. Even the packaging is subject to stringent quality controls.

Greenic superfoods can be enjoyed without worries and by consuming them you even contribute to a better world!

What’s left to say:

Greenic Superfoods for body, mind and soul – Greenic for life!