Feeling energetic all day – isn’t this what we all strive for? Innosnack wants to help people at reaching this state with its line of products containing isomaltulose and we are pleased to announce a partnership with it of this year’s SensAbility Social Enterprise Conference.

Founded in 2013 by then 36-year-old Munich citizen Marco Steinhilber, Innosnack sells a variety of snacks, sweets, cereals and drinks. After years of working in R&D for firms such as Unilever and Wrigley he knew that regular sugars were a huge problem for consumers as they lead to a rapid fall in the blood sugar level after a short period of feeling energized and cause ravenous appetite. Isomaltulose does not have these effects as it increases the blood sugar level slowly over a long period of time and thus provides us with energy for more than just the moment.

Innosnack uses high-quality ingredients to produce its gluten free and lactose free vegan products and has won the ISPO Award 2015/2016 for its INNOBAR and the eathealthy Award 2016 in the category “Sweets”.

We belive that the firm is making a valuable contribution to making people more aware of their food habits and diet and really values providing its customers with a quality product. Therefore, we are proud to be supported by Innosnack.