Since 1854, family is what counts most to Pfanner. Until 1933, the Pfanner family mainly produced wine and similar alcoholic beverages, then they switched to non-alcoholic fruit juices. The decision to only use fresh fruits gained them popularity very quickly. Today the company is fully owned by the three families Pfanner, Schneider and Dietrich. Due to clever investments Pfanner has been able to broaden their product range and now produces 210 different products. Their most popular products being their iced teas, which are the bestselling iced teas in Germany. Pfanner operates in factories Austria, Germany, Italy and the Ukraine.

A fruit juice is a great way to include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your diet. Pfanner’s fruit juices are 100% plant-based and supply an adequate amount of liquids to help the body purify itself.

Their philosophy centers around people and their needs, which in their case consist of taste, enjoyment, health and refreshment. Therefore, they apply high quality standards to every step in the production process and enforce these through a constant system of monitoring. This means they always exercise extreme care, from selecting and processing fruit to filling or bottling the finished product.

Pfanner makes a point to work together with interested customers, partners and suppliers who challenge and fascinate them. They want to make sure that they continue to develop themselves in keeping with social needs, respect sustainability and careful use of resources.

In 2011 Pfanner started a cooperation with Fairtrade. Today it is the biggest Fairtrade-partner in the sector of fruit juices worldwide and offers the widest range of fair-traded products.