Made with Luve

At Made with Luve, it’s all about the Blue Sweet Lupine- a domestic flower rich in protein and a perfect base for healthy and vegan food products. Lupine and Vegan? That’s LUVE!

Don’t worry, we haven’t heard of this flower before either. While the Blue Sweet Lupine has long been grown in our geographies, it has never really been used as a soy alternative for vegetarian and vegan food products.

However, after years of research and development, the company finally came up with a patented way to extract the proteins out of the Lupine- the base for Made with Luve products was born. The Blue Sweet Lupine is not only vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and free of cholesterol- compared to soy and other vegan alternatives it can score with an incredible small carbon footprint. There is no need to cut down rain forest and ship it from the other side of the world. Instead Lupines are grown, harvested and processed in Germany.

We think: A real power pack- completely natural!