Wanna learn about a great alternative to conventional produced cosmetic products?

Fair Squared - that means extra fair!

The family-owned business called Fair Squared offers cosmetic and hygiene products made of fairly traded and natural ingredients. The alternative trading organization aims at reducing the imbalance in the world market. Fair Squared stands for high quality products and sustainable production processes. A surcharge is being paid for the ingredients coming from poor regions of the world which are used for the improvement of living and working conditions in those countries.

Fair Squared offers a broad product range- you can find products reaching from Body Care to Hand and Lip Care to massage oils and vegan condoms available in various scents. Try out the Olive hand cream, the Lime lip balm, the Coconut shower gel or the Apricot body sun lotion- all with the Fairtrade label on it!

Fair Squared puts high value on the fair treatment of all involved in the production process. The company rejects animal testing and child labor and promotes humane working conditions, environmental and sustainable economic activities. The whole production takes place in Germany and the fairly traded raw materials from all over the world get quality-tested.

Fair Squared makes a true change and contributes to a fairer, eco-friendlier and more sustainable future. Be more than fair and use Fair Squared products! You will love it.