EcoLine edding

Change the world with your new EcoLine edding!

The EcoLine range of edding aims at making the world a little bit greener. The use of natural resources has always been part of edding’s corporate philosophy. The EcoLine series consisting of highlighters, permanent markers, whiteboard markers and flipchart markers uses renewable resources and recycled materials obtained from households and industry. The permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers in the EcoLine are made from 90% recycled material. For example, empty yoghurt pots, old watering cans and discarded plastic buckets are used in the production.

Apart from ensuring the sustainable use of materials, edding is also cutting down on production of virgin material. Even the packaging is exceptionally sustainable. EcoLine uses completely plastic-free packaging and the packaging is made entirely of cardboard.

By the way, you don’t need to worry that the EcoLine products are of a different quality to the normal edding products. The EcoLine products use the same ink and thus offer the same quality!

EcoLine impresses with its corporate responsibility. The concept has lately been rewarded with the Energy Masters Award. In our opinion – fully justified!

Get on the board!