You are interested in environmentally friendly and ecological products, that have been produced completely without the use of fossil plastics?

Then you maybe also already experienced the range of difficulties that arise when searching for such goods and which can be extremely time-consuming as well as cost-intensive. Monomeer, a start-up founded in 2014, made an attempt to overcome this problem and therefore specialised in the production of homewares, office supplies and cosmetic products without any input of plastics.

As a one-stop-shop, consumers are now able to acquire ordinary goods at just one place and to much easier realise their ambition of living an environmentally friendly life. For most firms forgoing plastics while processing or packing up constitutes a huge challenge.

However, in order to operate sustainable in the long-run, firms will have to forgo using the naturally limited resource fossil oil from which plastics is made and which can not be entirely destroyed at the end of a product's life cycle. Monomeer has already managed to make this step and provides a perfect alternative to earlier environmentally friendly and ecological stores for many customers.