“We are convinced that you want to know where your coffee comes from” – is the slogan from Coffee Circle. For every kilogram of coffee sold Coffee Circle donates 1 Euro to one of its development projects in Ethiopia, chosen by the public.

Founded in 2009 in Berlin, co-founders Martin and Robert travel regularly to Ethiopia and have personal contact with the farmers. In Ethiopia, they select the coffee beans and make sure the beans are from traditional forest gardens and are cultivated without pesticides. The founders pay a fair price (triple the price paid in the world market) promoting sustainable farming thus improving farmers’ social and environmental standards.

Furthermore, the customer plays a key role in their concept. After each purchase in the quantity of 1kg, the customer can decide which of the projects he/she wants to support. In the past Coffee Circle was able to establish a local health station and buy school furniture with the collected money.

The name itself is derived from this concept. The “Circle” is the journey the coffee purchased takes. Beginning in Ethiopia, then over to Hamburg to reach the end customer and finally the journey returns back to the initial producers of the coffee.