Have you ever noticed how increasingly difficult it has become to fully comprehend where your food is coming from and what impact it has on the environment and society? Do you sincerly know where the chocolate bars or ice cream you snack are manufactured or where the ingredients are harvested?

Yup, often we don’t really know either. Still, we really care about the consequences of our food choices.

We first met Lycka when they participated in our Social Pitch in 2015. Lycka, meaning “luck” in Swedish, offers organic foods that are made from 100% natural and fully sustainable ingredients. And the best part: With every product you buy, a child in Burundi receives a warm meal.

The team of Lycka is determined to fight the unfairness that exists in our world. Especially exploitation within the food industry as well as hunger is a deep concern of theirs. Don’t miss the chance to try their delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt at SensAbility this year!