The Future of Agriculture

Nemo’s Garden is a project that I have been following for a while now. It’s project that was started by Sergio Gamberini five years ago.

The changing climate makes it more difficult to plant vegetables and fruits in many regions. While on a trip to Noli, Italy, Sergio had the idea to create a garden under water. Working together with the Ocean Reef Group, they created a small green house just below the surface of the ocean. They did this by creating a dome like structure, filling it with air, and anchoring it just of the shore of an Italian beach. They then filled this with dome with plants to see whether it was even possible for a land based plants so sustain life below the surface of the ocean. The tests were a success.

The domes act like self-sustaining ecosystem, where life essential factors such as water can be provided by the evaporated ocean water that condensates on the side of the dome. This water then drips into the soil of the plant, providing it with fresh water. By locating the biosphere beneath the ocean, it will provide the habitat with thermal stability, meaning the biosphere can be in regions with rapid and frequent climatic changes.

Nemo’s Garden aims to provide food to arid and water scarce coastal regions, such as the middle east. Arid regions like Egypt are wasting large amount of water for agriculture. With the biosphere this could be a thing of the past.

Since 2016 the startup has been working on ways to make their idea more affordable and improve sensors to enhance the monitoring ability of the biospheres. Meaning plant growth can be observed and optimised without having to go underwater. As of 2017 the startup is exploring feasible methods to industrialise their idea, to provide an environmentally and socially responsible method for growing food, with a minimal carbon footprint. I look forward to tracking the progress of Nemo’s Garden and the benefits it will bring to society and the environment.