Reasons why you should become a Social Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the people who set up their own business in the hope of making a profit. But nowadays people are not only concerned about the value they create for the company that they work in, but they also care about the impact that they have on the life of the others. Social Entrepreneurship helps such entrepreneurs create a positive impact on the world while also making profits.

  • 1. Strong Intrinsic Motivation
  • The fact that every single step of the process helps the company reach one step closer to helping people is a very strong intrinsic motivation for the entrepreneurs to be assiduous and also make the others in the organization work diligently. Moreover, every time the company will help anyone, it will motivate the employees to make the business more successful so as to help even more people.

  • 2. Positive Impact on the World
  • The people who believe that no single person can change the world are the ones who will never be able to do so. But Social entrepreneurs, in the process of earning revenues and helping people can create positive impacts on the world and help it become a better place because they believe they can do so.

  • 3. Long Lasting Happiness
  • Every successful businessman says that he is never satisfied enough with the success of his company because he/she believes they can still do better. But another thing that they all agree on is that the real long-lasting happiness is achieved only when the company helps people in many ways.

  • 4. It is what the consumers want
  • Social Entrepreneurship is not only what the Entrepreneurs these days feel passionate about, but it is also what the consumers want. Surveys show that consumers prefer to buy products (like Fair Trade products etc.) through which they also contribute to the society even if only in meagre amounts.

  • 5. Less Governmental and Policy regulations
  • The fact that the Social Entrepreneurs work towards the improvement of the society helps them avoid unnecessary government regulations and restrictions allowing them to be more autonomous, allowing them to operate and achieve what they want even more easily.