Helping people help themselves

Bangladesh is the country with huge amount of possibilities along with numerous problems of society. Youth can work as the main force to turn these possibilities into reality only if they come forward and take step. There is a person who was too much moved by the sufferings of the people of his nation which were being incurred due to different problems of the society. He wanted to engage more and more youths for improvement of situation. With that thought, the person founded Youth School of Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) at 1st February, 2015. The name of that person is Sheikh Muhammad Yousuf Hossain.

The organization was founded with the noble intention of encouraging youths towards social entrepreneurship and trains them in an organized way to be established as a successful entrepreneur to create positive social and environmental changes through the innovative ideas and actions. Its vision is to ensure employment and equity for youth through social entrepreneurship and capacity building and to achieve that vision YSSE is trying to to create large scale job opportunities through social entrepreneurship by conducting training, counseling, monitoring etc. which will ultimately solve the economic and gender inequality.

YSSE has just celebrated its second birthday and if we look back to the time, we can see lots of achievements within this short period of time. YSSE have already flourished its network over 21 countries around the world and there are representatives at all those countries who are continuously being in touch with the headquarter in Dhaka.

In these 2 years, YSSE was able to create a youth movement throughout the whole nation by promoting social entrepreneurship. YSSE have organized so many diversified programs like seminars, workshops, panel discussions at different places which were quite much successful to make a positive change into the mindset of youth to inspire them to be a leader, to come forward for the society and to be a successful and impactful social entrepreneur. YSSE doesn’t remain calm only by creating awareness among youth regarding social entrepreneurship but also it provides schooling and mentorship for social entrepreneurs, helps in creating a strong networking, assists in collect funding and provides some other helps which create hindrance in the path of being a successful entrepreneur. The organization was able to make a positive impact into society after its all dedicated efforts. Till the date, more than 12 thousand people were directly benefitted by YSSE and number of indirect beneficiaries is unknown. Most importantly, YSSE have created 17 entrepreneurs among whom 5 are women entrepreneurs.

To achieve its objective, YSSE is conducting different projects. Most recently, it has launched its online based magazine “Power of one”. It is an initiative to inspire youth by different successful stories and real life experiences of successful entrepreneurs. The organization is conducting one another project titled “Uddog o Uddokta” which is intended to increase number of entrepreneurs of the society and to develop the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Another remarkable project of YSSE is “Project Mountain” which is being directed at Bandarban District with a view to creating inclusive businesses between indigenous farmers and company. YSSE’s project is not confined to the Bangladesh only. It is also maintaining a project at “Burundi” which is the poorest country to build capacity of 25 young entrepreneurs and 25 activist leaders of Burundi on topics supposed to equip them skills for highlighting their actions and for fundraising to their initiatives. The project is jointly run by World Merit and YSSE.

YSSE wants to go far beyond in future and so it is making different times of planning in future. The organization dream to operate its activities on district level to reach maximum amount of people. It wants to work for youth skill development and capacity building. Moreover, it is working with the planning of implementing a SDG based project relating business fields. In very recent future, YSSE is coming up with Social Entrepreneurship Course to provide an organized schooling to the potential social entrepreneurs which never happened in the country.

YSSE is the organization which desires to go beyond the maximum limit and it is continuously working with full dedication with full team. At its second birthday, the organization asked for everyone’s blessings and good lucks so that it can successfully celebrate so many more birthdays in future and they also asked to youth to be much more engaged with "Social Entrepreneurship" for the remarkable development of our nation.