German Startups Group

German Startups Group is the most active investment company and private provider of venture capital in Germany. They are located in the in the start-up hotspot Berlin. Their main focus lies on start-ups with internet-based business models, disruptive innovations in products or business models, and potential for scalability. They are striving to become the leading provider of venture capital for disruptive innovations in Germany, and are bringing together some of the most promising young German founders and capital investors searching for high return opportunities.

Usually, they are investing in a business for many years and over a number of financing rounds. This concept called patient capital makes a reasonable entrepreneurial partnership for a long time. Their team has gained experience from both perspectives, the founder and the investor. GSG is looking for talented entrepreneurs with knowledge, courage and passion, who create a highly scalable company based on a disruptive product or business model. The founder and CEO Christoph Gerlinger has got more than 17 years of entrepreneurial experience in the internet industry.

Many of the holdings are already at a growth stage facing fast expansion, such as Mister Spex, and Armed Angels, a social fashion e-commerce company. We are more than happy that this year they are supporting our conference for the second time. For more information visit their website (