Software AG Stiftung

We are honored to announce that Software AG Stiftung is a partner of ours for this year’s SensAbility Conference. Software AG Stiftung is an anthroposophical-near foundation established in 1992 by Dr. Peter Schnell, who contributed his shares of Software AG to initiate the creation of the foundation. Anthroposophy is a spiritual philosophy that can also be called spiritual science, and it is mainly characterized by its method of research.

The foundation aims to help and support initiatives to raise sufficient resources to realize their projects and goals. They want to contribute to the implementation of societally relevant ideas and projects, that are anticipated to generate general wellbeing.

Topics of their concern are primarily education, youth wellbeing, disabled person’s wellbeing and welfare of the elderly. They also support a broad variety of research, in the fields of medicine, progressive education among others. One of their recent projects is the support of ecological and ethical animal farming. They acknowledge that it is important to focus on the animal’s wellbeing and seek to eliminate suffering for farming animals.

We believe that Software AG foundation is making a crucial contribution to a more conscious and sustainable future and creating awareness for significant social grievances. As education, research and other social and eco-political topics constitute the heart of SensAbility topics of concern, we are very proud that a foundation like Software AG Stiftung is supporting our Conference.