Torsten Schreiber Founder of Africa GreenTec

Renewable energy is anticipated to be the fastest growing energy sector with billions being invested globally. The results are clear with examples such as Denmark where 42% of electricity is generated through wind turbines alone. The threat of climate change has never been so clear with many emerging markets paving the way such as China being the largest producer of renewable energy while phasing out coal. Yet, there remain the nay sayers, especially from the US Republican party who threaten further advancement.

Germany is one of these world leaders in solar power and is set to have a brighter future in renewables as a whole. Torsten Schreiber saw this future and recognised the need to take on this challenge. With experience in venture capital and the African market Mr.Schreiber created a network of experts in German Energy finance, scientists and social entrepreneurs to create clean sustainable growth. What is the goal? It’s simple, an energy revolution where Africa 100% independent of fossil fuels.

Currently there are five clear projects, using the “grid-in-a-box” model of mobile solar energy. This model is portable yet effective dissuading investors to leave unstable regions. Provision of electricity through prototype projects such as in Dalakana have yielded astounding results. This particular project was financed through equity capital while others were crowd funded.

The social impact is exponential, when pairing with local organisations and German resources. Examples include development of infirmaries with German Pharmacies, clean drinking water through project HELOIZ and 40 computer workstations partnering with Labdoo in Dalakana alone.

This brings us back to the main theme of this year’s conference Embracing the Challenge. Igniting the change. Something which we believe Africa GreenTec is doing and in their own words “It’s time to change the world”.

So, we invite you to this year’s SensAbility conference, where you can meet and learn from many like-minded social entrepreneurs.