Social entrepreneurship: Start smart with your own non-profit company

Are you ready to become a social entrepreneur? An entrepreneurial mindset and social responsibility aren’t mutually exclusive but make a great combination to tackle big changes. There is an ideal way to accomplish both: Learn about the non-profit corporate forms gGmbH and gUG and their benefits to set up your social start-up.

Let’s Make Sustainability Great Again!

Climate change, resource scarcity and ecological destruction – it is undeniable that we are facing more and more substantial challenges. While 2017 broke yet another record for hottest year on file, it was also a devastating year of climate denial with President Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Roots of Social Business - Social Entrepreneurship Explained Through the Role Model TOMS

What is Social Entrepreneurship to start with? As one of the most influential social businesses, TOMS can provide an answer to this question.

Reasons why you should become a Social Entrepreneur

People do increasingly want to become social entrepreneurs, but what reasons are there to actually realize their plans?

Five documentaries that will change your image of the world

Here is a list of all documentaries you should watch if you want to know what is really going on in the world.

The Future of Agriculture

Underwater farming could be an answer to some of the most pressing challenges of today's food production.


ISSOlab is the creative centre of the ISSO institute based in Koblenz. The ISSO institute itself stands for instute for social and sustainable oikonomics and is an access point for business, schools, as well as the start-ups that think outside of the box and that strive to create benefits for society and the environment as a whole.

Helping people help themselves

Bangladesh is the country with huge amount of possibilities along with numerous problems of society. Youth can work as the main force to turn these possibilities into reality only if they come forward and take step. There is a person who was too much moved by the sufferings of the people of his nation which were being incurred due to different problems of the society. He wanted to engage more and more youths for improvement of situation. With that thought, the person founded Youth School of Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) at 1st February, 2015. The name of that person is Sheikh Muhammad Yousuf Hossain.

Tom Szaky – TerraCycle

Tom Szaky is the Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a company that makes consumer products from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. Tom attended Princeton College but dropped out in his sophomore year and spent his savings on an organic fertilizer created from worm poop.

Torsten Schreiber Founder of Africa GreenTec

Renewable energy is anticipated to be the fastest growing energy sector with billions being invested globally. The results are clear with examples such as Denmark where 42% of electricity is generated through wind turbines alone. The threat of climate change has never been so clear with many emerging markets paving the way such as China being the largest producer of renewable energy while phasing out coal. Yet, there remain the nay sayers, especially from the US Republican party who threaten further advancement.

Software AG Stiftung

We are honored to announce that Software AG Stiftung is a partner of ours for this year’s SensAbility Conference. Software AG Stiftung is an anthroposophical-near foundation established in 1992 by Dr. Peter Schnell, who contributed his shares of Software AG to initiate the creation of the foundation. Anthroposophy is a spiritual philosophy that can also be called spiritual science, and it is mainly characterized by its method of research.

German Startups Group

German Startups Group is the most active investment company and private provider of venture capital in Germany. They are located in the in the start-up hotspot Berlin. Their main focus lies on start-ups with internet-based business models, disruptive innovations in products or business models, and potential for scalability.


If you are in a conversation about social business, for example during our SensAbility Conference, there is going to be one name you are definitely going to hear: Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Originally from Bangladesh, Yunus later obtained his doctors degree from the Vanderbilt-University and became a professor at the Chittagong University in Bangladesh in 1972. During that time he was already socially and politically active.